Amouage opened the doors to its flagship shop in Doha’s latest retail development, Lagoona Mall, marking the luxury brand’s 18th international shop opening. Located in cities around the world, Amouage’s standalone shops allow the brand to be seen in its own environment, thereby presenting the purest expression of the brand DNA.

Amouage, Lagoona Mall
Amouage, Lagoona Mall

Amouage shops house a repertoire of product categories that have been expanded to provide a complete offer. Amouage today offers collections for Home, Bath & Body and hand made Leather Goods, in addition to its outstanding fragrance portfolio, for which it is most known. The key statement of the brand is quality and luxury, which is demonstrated perfectly by the shop’s design that is sophisticated and contemporary, with innovative, brand-identifying touches.

OPUS IX in Qatar 
Amouage’s 9th volume in the Library Collection, Opus IX, studies the human nature of love and sacrifice, inspired by one of Opera’s greatest romances, Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata, an adaptation of the novel La Dame aux Camelias, ‘The Lady of the Camellias’. Epitomising Amouage’s brand DNA of culture and intellect, Creative Director Christopher Chong, masterfully composed the fragrance to tell a story of betrayal and redemption as portrayed by the iconic Maria Callas in the 1958 Lisbon production of the Opera.

Opus IX is a soulful interpretation of the Camellia flower, the accord of which was created especially for the fragrance as the flower has no scent in its natural form. Fused with Black Pepper and Jasmine, the Camellia accord reveals a warming, free-spirited aura in the top notes, while Gaiac Wood, Beeswax and Leather combine in a contradictory heart. A final illusion of the woody, floral fragrance is created by a euphoric base of Grey Amber, Vetiver and Civet.

Opus IX and Library Collection

Opus IX’s bottle is a deep red with specks of gold. The tome-shaped box is designed with two interpretations of the Camellia flower: white, pure and innocent on one side to represent the virtue of love, and a broken and aged red flower on the other to reflect the destruction of betrayal.

A poetic homage to olfactory experiences, Amouage’s Library Collection is a celebration of integrity, creativity and virtuosity. Each of the nine fragrances is an ethereal instrument that reveals the many facets of a discovery in human nature. The Library Collection’s fragrances defy categorization, transcend gender and inspire the wearer to compose their own unique narrative.