A new adventure is about to begin for Rashid and Noura, the animated sibling stars of the Arabic language-focused TV series Siraj from Qatar Foundation (QF) – and children in Qatar and across the Arab world are invited to join their journey of fun and discovery through a programme that supports learning beyond the classroom.

The latest season of Siraj – a 3D edutainment programme designed to help children aged two to eight years old explore the Arabic language and build their literacy and numeracy skills – begins this week with 15 episodes covering themes from science and history to morality and religion, in a way that appeals to young minds.

Siraj 2

At the centre of the series are Rashid and his older sister Noura. The two search for answers to questions about Ramadan, colours, healthy eating, sustainability, and other topics in their own playroom, and maximises their imagination – showing how, with a creative, inquisitive, and agile mindset, learning never stops.

According to Khalifa Essa Al Kubaisi, Press Office and Media Relations Manager at QF, they are delighted to unveil the next chapter in the Siraj story through the launch of the new season. He added that opportunities to learn are all around us, in many different forms, and this resonates to an even greater degree at present.

Designed to be enjoyed by both children and their families, and to support educators in improving the literacy and numeracy skills of their students, Siraj provides such an opportunity.

We hope that those who follow the adventures of Rashid and Noura will find themselves experiencing their own adventure of learning.

Over its previous two seasons, Siraj has captivated and educated children in Qatar and throughout the Arab world, opening their eyes and minds to the wonders of the Arabic language by making learning a natural, fun process, and illustrating how education and entertainment can work in harmony. The innovative TV series aims to inspire the youngest generation of the country to realise where imagination, curiosity and a desire for knowledge can take them.

Since its launch in 2016, Siraj episodes have been viewed 28 million times, with viewers spending a total of 2.8 million hours watching the series. It now has over 115,000 subscribers!

The new season will see Rashid and Noura being prompted to answer a range of questions from their playroom, and realising that by summoning their knowledgeable friend Siraj, they can find the answers with help from the colourful friends they made in previous seasons. The new season is also introducing a cast of voice actors that are mostly based in Qatar.

The first episode of the new season can be viewed on Siraj YouTube Channel starting this week. More new episodes will be available on the channel every Wednesday.