Arab International Academy (AIA) recently held a closing ceremony for its first annual Football Little League, recognising student sports teams, sponsors and supervisors, who participated in the tournament. 

Since its establishment, AIA has abided by its motto of ‘7 Days without exercise makes one weak’ – with its extensive athletic programme, sports activities and events. Early in the school year, AIA and their school community launched their first annual Football Little League in cooperation with members of AIA’s network, which included sponsors from community organisations as well as private institutions, all contributing to an outstanding programme.

AIA First Football Little League 2

The academy’s coordinators designed the league to include semi-weekly scheduled training under expert supervision of the league’s football coaches. Students were given a chance to hone their athletic abilities and condition themselves to adequately prepare for their matches, which was held on Fridays for six consecutive weeks.

One of the main contributing factors behind the success of the league was the invaluable role of parents, who, through their weekly active participation, helped motivate, guide and support the teams, which in turn enabled players to perform at their best.

These community organisations and private institutions generously sponsored AIA’s sports teams: Sky Dive Qatar, Acciona, Al Araby TV, Al Araby Al Jadeed Newspaper, Jeel Media, Gulf Professional Clothing, The Agents.


AIA is planning to hold a second Football Little League and a first Basketball Little League in the next academic term. For updates and more information about AIA, visit their website at