The Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum (FBQ Museum) has, in the course of the past weeks received a huge variety of artworks from Qatar-based artists, showcasing their creativity in these challenging times!

To be able to share these artworks with the public, the museum will organise three exhibitions, the first one starting in September and the next ones continuing through the months of October and November at The White Majlis.

Here are some of the artworks that will be on display at exhibitions.

Abir Zakzok
Distance Helps / 23 May 2020

Abir Zakzok is a multidisciplinary designer who explores features of the Arabic language to create designs based on the relationship between product, language, and behaviour. Distance Helps utilises the diacritics in the Arabic language to express both metaphorical and literal meanings.

Instagram: @abirzakzok / Facebook:

Maryam Faisal Althani
April 2020

Maryam Faisal Althani

Maryam is a grade 6 student at Qatar Academy Al Wakra and was chosen for the excellence award.

Emotionally we feel different during the corona crisis and can’t go to school, can’t visit families. Gloves and masks now are a must, we follow instructions. The painting expresses all these ideas and how to protect ourselves and others

@fkuwari / @drkalkuwari / @qaw_qf

Ahmad Abdulhadi Al Hajri
Connected / 27 May 2020

Ahmad Abdulhadi Al Hajri

About Connected: Humanity is connected by blood, our external appearances do not change the attributes of the blood, and this fact obliterates the idea of racial superiority. Thus, it advocates for equality.

Instagram: @aaalhajri94

Assil Diab aka ‘Sudalove’
‘stay at home’ / April 2020

Assil Diab aka 'Sudalove'

Assil is a street artist based in Qatar. She returned to Sudan at the height of the Sudanese revolution in 2019 and undertook a project to honour those killed. The graffiti artist created large murals of the martyrs of the revolution on the walls of their family homes. Now, she’s creating murals around Sudan to raise awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic.

This mural she did for the coronavirus in Sudan is of four Sudanese people of diverse backgrounds and tribes. Each of them saying ‘stay at home’ in their own dialect while wearing a mask. The mural serves as a reminder to the public of the importance of staying protected and at home. It emphasises the importance of social distancing at a time when we need to stay away from each other, to come together in a metaphorical sense.

This mural won a dissemination award from UNESCO and i4policy for their #DontGoViral campaign.

Instagram: @SUDALOVE / Facebook: @ASSILDIABART / Twitter: @SUDALOVE_

Nouman Arshad
The Enchanted Woman / 20 March 2020

Nouman Arshad
I am a second year student of Medicine from Pakistan. Art has always been a part of me and canvas has always been a medium to speak myself. The Enchanted Woman appreciates the hardships a woman faces in day-to-day life. The flamboyant colours represent the different shades of personality that have to be adopted for one to face the so many hardships of life.

Instagram: @noumanarshadd / Twitter: @noumanarshadd

Michael Conjusta
COVID-19 Heroes / April 2020

Michael Conjusta

An undergraduate of architecture and graphics technology at the Technological University of the Philippines, Michael has been a freelance interior decorative artist in Doha for over 21 years now. Michael pays tribute to the heroes in the fight against the virus in his painting, which also earned him first place in the competition of the awareness campaign, ‘A drawing from every home’ organised by Qatar Visual Art Center and the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Facebook: / Instagram: michaelconjusta_art

Naseema Shukoor
‘Looking Towards the Future’ / April/May 2020
Approx. 5000 buttons placed on a canvas base, 100 x 70 cm

Naseema Shukoor

The artwork is titled ‘Looking Towards the Future’ and the work symbolises the road ahead to normalcy and peace after the current pandemic crisis. The work points to the difficult road ahead but at the same time as a reminder of our collective efforts through which we are overcoming the pandemic and the patience with which we will march ahead.

Facebook/Instagram: @naseemcraft

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