The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announced a traffic diversion on a part of Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Road, starting from east of Al Wajbah Roundabout to the east of Al Qalah Roundabout.

The diversion started on 27 December 2014 and will last until Q3, 2016. The existing road, which consists of a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction will be closed and diverted to a new parallel road with the same capacity. The new temporary road was constructed to allow the upgrading works on the old road.

During the diversion, Al Qalah Roundabout will be closed and replaced with a signal-controlled intersection constructed in the same location, so as to provide access to and from Al Qalah Street, which will remain open. Al Shafi Roundabout will also be closed and changed to a right-in right-out junction, enabling road users coming from Al Wajbah Roundabout to enter directly to Al Shafi Street which will also remain open, while road users coming from Al Shafi Street will use the mandatory exit to Al Qalah intersection. Al Wajbah Roundabout, however, will remain open in the meantime, along with Al Wajbah Road and the road leading to Qatar Foundation.

In addition, road users coming from Al Qalah intersection and heading to Al Shafi Street will have to reach Al Wajbah Roundabout, take a U-Turn, and then use the right-in junction leading to Al Shafi Street. While road users coming from Al Shafi Street and heading to Al Wajbah Roundabout can use the right-out junction leading to Al Qalah Junction, then take a U-Turn to Al Wajbah Roundabout.

According to Ashghal, this traffic diversion is a fundamental part for starting the construction works of the first phase of the construction and upgrade of Al Rayyan Road project. The new road which will be constructed is on the same alignment as the existing road, which requires its removal at the first place. This project is part of the Ashghal’s Expressway Programme, which aims at creating a long-term, sustainable road network that links all areas across Qatar.

Ashghal will install road signs to advice motorists of the diversion. Ashghal requests all road users to abide by the speed limits along the diversion, and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.