Ashghal MapAshghal (Public Works Authority) announced that road works on converting Sheraton and Dafna roundabouts to traffic signal intersections will be completed and the Corniche road will completely open to traffic on Sunday 16 March 2014, two weeks prior to the original reopening date.

This will be done right after laying the final asphalt layer and activating the traffic lights at the two intersections. To complete the final stages of laying asphalt, Ashghal will be closing the part of the Corniche Street stretching from the Sheraton Junction to Dafna Junction including a stretch of road between Dafna intersection and City Centre. Effective from 4 pm on Thursday 13 March 2014, traffic moving on Corniche Street towards the Sheraton intersection will be required to turn left on Al Funduq Street and take Omar Al Mukhtar Street and then turn right to access the Diplomatic area.

Traffic moving from Diplomatic area towards Dafna and Sheraton intersection will be required to turn right, and then turn left along  Omar Al Mukhtar Street to access the Corniche Street via Al Funduq Street. As part of the closure, traffic exiting City Centre-Doha parking will be required to go left and take the road ahead towards Omar Al Mukhtar Street orn turn right towards the diplomatic area.

Traffic on Corniche Street going towards the area of the Ministry of Justics, Doha Bank, Ashghal and Kahramaa buildings will need to take a left from Sheraton intersection and follow Al Funduq Street towards Omar Al Mukhtar Street and then turn right to access these locations.

Due to the importance of the Corniche Street, as one of Doha’s most vital landmarks, Ashghal expedited the construction works deploying approximately 60 machines and 600 workers around the clock. In addition to converting the roundabouts to traffic signals and expanding some parts of the Corniche Street, the project also included extending infrastructure utility works, including Treated Sewage Effluent pipes in the Corniche Street’s median and old roundabouts locations.

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Ashghal has completed converting roundabouts to traffic signals in the following areas:

  • Al Corniche Street
  • Al Markhiya Street and Al Bidaa Street to signalised intersections
  • Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Roundabout
  • Grand Hamad Street Intersection
  • Al Diwan Roundabout
  • National Theatre Roundabout
  • Ludaihi Roundabout
  • Q-Post Roundabout
  • Wadi Al Sail Roundabout
  • Onaiza Roundabout
  • Lejbailat Roundabout


For more information, visit Ashghal’s website.