CEO of Aspire Zone, Khalid Abdulla Al Sulaiteen, opened the north-end of Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital.

The opening of the north-end of Aspetar is part of Aspire Zone Foundation’s (AZF) strategic plan to expand its world-class facilities and offer a wider range of services. The opening ceremony was attended by Aspetar Acting Director General Dr Mohamed Ghaith Al Kuwari and national team footballer, Ibrahim Majid, who was on treatment at Aspetar. A number of senior AZF staff and media personnel were also among the participants at the event. During the ceremony, Al Sulaiteen said:

We are proud of this new achievement, which represents a valuable addition to Aspire Zone in general and Aspetar in particular. We meet today to open the north end expansion of Aspetar as part of our comprehensive plan to develop and increase the medical and therapeutic services provided for athletes. As per AZF’s vision of becoming the reference in sports excellence by 2022, and in light of Aspetar’s strategic objectives and global prominence, the ongoing expansion and developments are important steps for us to take in order to meet our commitment to provide the best world-class medical and rehabilitation services for athletes. Our vision for the expansion and growth of AZF is not limited to modern facilities and equipment. We equally give greater attention to the unique international-standard expertise that we develop in Qatar and the region. This is the real investment and core value we seek to establish throughout our different plans, projects and programmes; all of which will bring AZF into global prominence as a leading and integrated sports city.

Aspetar ExpansionThe north-end expansion comes as part of Aspetar’s comprehensive expansion plan, according to which the new buildings and surrounding spaces will extend on four different sides. This will increase the total land area of the hospital by one and a half time greater than the original space. The athletic facilities will also be separated from the non-athletic ones. Speaking on the purpose of the new expansion, Dr Al Kuwari, said:

We, in Aspetar, drive the mission of enabling athletes to achieve their full potential and performing at their best. In this context, we put a high priority on establishing a new facility dedicated to the treatment of athletes. In so doing, we are now capable of delivering cutting-edge medical care and services, while safeguarding the athletes’ privacy and rights. We are happy to meet today to launch this project, of which we should be very proud. The new expansion, in addition to enabling us to improve our services, will open up new prospects for cooperation and strategic partnerships with regional and international sports federations. It is the newest addition to a long list of outstanding achievements, all of which led to establishing Aspetar firmly as the leading sports medicine and research hospital in the region.’

The opening ceremony featured a tour inside the new building, during which the guests were introduced to the new services and state-of-the-art technologies used for the first time in Qatar. The tour started with a presentation by Dr Farrukh Hamid, head of Aspetar’s OPD, about the size and purpose of the new expansion. He noted that the north end expansion featured a semi-independent building comprising 18 outpatient clinics for offering therapeutic services to registered athletes.

Spanning a surface area of 5,000 square meters (53,819.5 square feet), the expansion represents a new and distinctive addition to Aspetar on three levels: medical, expertise and service. Medically, the new clinics will break from tradition to treat sports injuries using innovative technologies for the first time in Qatar. These include the Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Electromyography (EMG). On the expertise level, Aspetar will hire a new group of global, certified physicians and experts, who specialise in the treatment of different sports injuries. At the service level, the expansion will increase the capacity of Aspetar to almost the double, and this doubled capacity will help reduce the waiting time for athletic and non-athletics patients languishing on long waiting lists.

A member of AZF, Aspetar, the first advanced sports medicine hospital of its kind in the Gulf region and one of the leading in the world commenced its operations in 2007. It has meanwhile achieved a pioneering international reputation and is recognised as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.