aspetar-beat-the-heatAs temperatures across the country soar, Aspetar – Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital has announced a new campaign called ‘Beat the Heat’. It has been developed by the organisation’s leading sports experts and is aimed at helping members of the community to continue exercising during the summer months.

‘Beat the Heat’ features comprehensive guidelines developed by Aspetar experts following extensive research. Aimed at athletes and non-athletes alike, the advice is divided into sections for organisations and individuals. The suggestions include ways to stay hydrated, warm up carefully, and wear sensible clothing, as well as encouraging organisations to provide air-conditioned meeting and locker rooms, shaded areas and appropriate emergency plans. The drive also raises awareness of heat illness.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aspetar, Dr Khalifa Al Kuwari, said:

The ‘Beat the Heat campaign has been designed to educate people on how to safely exercise during the summer. The advice ranges from recommended sporting attire to correct water intake. These detailed guidelines are easy to follow and suitable for everyone. This is especially important as sporting activity tends to rise during the summer months.’

The guidelines will be distributed to youth centres and sporting organisations throughout Qatar. Social media and other outlets will also play a vital role in raising awareness of how to exercise safely in the heat.

Aspetar is the world’s leading specialised orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, and the first in the Middle East. Based in Doha, Qatar since 2007, the facility provides top-level comprehensive medical treatment to all athletes. In 2009, Aspetar was officially accredited as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence (F-MARC).