Following the success of Aspire Zone Foundation’s (AZF) Ramadan Festival, ‘Welcome to Aspire’ also known as ‘Hayyakum B Aspire’, the organisation is celebrating Eid Al Fitr by distributing sweets made with healthy ingredients to families in the area.

Volunteers dressed in national costumes distributed candy boxes to over 3,000 houses in a collaboration with the Qatar Center for Voluntary Work who provided 12 volunteers for the initiative.  The aim is to encourage people to adopt healthy food choices, even while celebrating special occasions.

The initiative is part of AZF’s strategy to encourage a healthy culture among Qatar’s residents and help them adopt a more active lifestyle. Part of that drive is to illustrate the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.

AZF aims to reach out to the community through various programmes to build awareness of their health related activities that also support Qatar’s culture and traditions.

For more healthy treats, log on to AZF’s website for the recipes.