Aspire Academy is celebrating this week the graduation of 42 student-athletes in several sports, including football, squash, athletics, gymnastics, table tennis, and fencing. These athletes will make up the next generation of Qatar’s sports teams and clubs, and Aspire’s biggest graduation batch since its establishment.

This event reflects Aspire Academy’s eleven years of commitment to the development of young local talents and national teams in Qatar. Ever since it embarked on a path to become a global leader in sports and academic excellence, Aspire Academy has sought to provide a comprehensive academic, social and sporting programme for student-athletes.

The 42 graduates make up Qatar’s next bright stars in various sports. Aspire Academy has a long line-up of former graduates who have made their mark in sports on the local, regional and international levels. Their achievements are further proof of Aspire Academy’s excellence.

Success Stories Across Various Sports

Among the prominent athletes who made their mark in the international sporting scene include Mutaz Essa Barshim (High Jumper, 2009), Ashraf El Seify (Hammer Thrower, 2014), and Ahmed Bedir Magour (Javelin Thrower, 2015) for Athletics; Akram Afif (2015) and Fahad Ali Shnain Al Abdulrahman (2014) for Football; and Abdullah Al Tamimi (2012) for Squash.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Aspire Academy has become one of the foremost national sports academies in the world. Working as part of the Aspire Zone Foundation, Aspire Academy is at the heart of a sporting revolution currently taking place in Qatar and around the region. It sought to develop its student-athletes holistically, providing them with a comprehensive academic, social and sporting education, to realise its vision of becoming a leader in sports and academic excellence by 2020.

Aspire Academy offers a unique educational setting in which curricula are designed around student capabilities and needs. Educational programmes are designed to be flexible and to take account of time spent at training camps and various championships.

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