Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) organized flag football and table tennis for people with special needs on 25 July and 26 July 2013 as part of its Ramadan festival, ‘Welcome to Aspire’.


The flag football tournament, a form of the hugely popular American football, was well attended, particularly with US expats. Four teams, of 10 players each, took part in the competition with the Doha Gargers taking the title and beating the Jebel Riders 24-12.

Doha Gargers captain, Yousef Al-Kuwari, praised Aspire for promoting the game here. Saleh Al-Ansari, Aspire’s VIP guest, presented the winners with the trophy and gift vouchers donated by AZF. The runners up, Giebel Riders were awarded silver medals along with gift vouchers.

Abdullah al-Khater, Head of Sports and Events at Aspire Logistics said:

This sport was introduced by AZF as part of last year’s National Sports Day. In the past few months it has gained momentum and we now have over 50 players. We hope to host more matches and establish camps for some of the famous flag football teams as well as participate in the next National Sports Day.’

Also over the weekend, AZF organized a table tennis tournament for the disabled in collaboration with Qatar Paralympics Committee (QPC). The 5-aside competition took place inside Aspire Dome.

Praising the role played by Aspire in strengthening the social relations among the disabled and supporting integration of the disabled with the community through this tournament, Hussein Al Haddad, the contest organizer at QPC, said:

Through this competition we highlight the capabilities of people with special needs, and their ability to engage with social events normally. What distinguishes this competition is it brought together able-bodied professional players from the Qatari table tennis team with players with special needs which boosted their self-confidence.’

Philip Templer, Deputy Managing Director of Aspire Logistics, presented the gold medal to winner, Khaled Afifi, and silver to Tamer Ahmed, whilst the bronze medal went to Soliman Share.