As part of its Hayyakum B Aspire Ramadan Festival, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has prepared fun-filled activities to mark the traditional Garanga’oh night on Tuesday 23 July 2013, starting at 9:30 pm at Aspire Park.

‘Aspire Zone Foundation is eager to maintain the traditions and culture of the people of Qatar,’ said Hussein Al Qahtani, Head of PR and Media at AZF. ‘These traditions are remembered and revived amidst of Ramadan every year. The purpose of Garanga’oh is to provide the new generation with cultural and traditional habits of our ancestors.’

Set up alongside the Ramadan tent, a small village has been constructed containing traditionally decorated houses, where women dressed in traditional clothes will serve candy and nuts to children. The children will go around the village collecting these treats in a bag specially made for the occasion, while singing the Garanga’oh song.

A prevalent Ramadan celebration in the GCC, Garanga’oh is celebrated in the mid-month night of Ramadan. The Qatari society celebrates the local fiesta of Garango’h around the 15th Ramadan. Starting right after Iftar, children gather in their vibrant traditional costumes in each neighborhood and start wandering, going from door to door, chanting a special rhyme while holding cloth sacks to fill them with goodies (similar to Halloween). The night continues after the evening prayers till late hours at night. Al Qahtani added, ‘We all know that Garanga’oh is a tradition teaching children the art of giving and the love of sharing. It is also an opportunity to strengthen ties between families and neighbours.’

In collaboration with Doha Film Institute (DFI), a community screening of Children of Heaven will be shown at the Aspire Zone tent at 11:30 pm to celebrate the occasion. Along with the film screening, there will be many activities for children including games and competitions.

Fatma Al Remaihi, the Festival Director of the Ajyal Film Festival for the Young and DFI’s Head of Programmes, said: ‘We are really happy to collaborate with Aspire to screen a classic that has entertained audiences all over the world. This sweet and heart-warming story will resonate with families and children in Doha and offer us an opportunity to engage with young audiences, as we prepare for our forthcoming festival the Ajyal Film Festival for the Young in November.’

In addition to the event, AZF is organising a competition on its Facebook page for the best traditional outfit for the children who are participating in the activities.garangaoh

For more information, visit Aspire Zone’s website.

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