Under the patronage of HE Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari, the Minister of Culture, Art and Heritage, and Engineer Hilal Jeham Al Kuwari, President of Aspire Zone Foundation, with the attendance of the Foundation’s staff and key media personalities, Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) launched on 25 June 2015 a new community event – Freej Aspire – as part of its wider programme of Ramadan activities.

HE the Minister toured the event and visited all activities, which have been set in a unique Ramadan atmosphere that reflects heritage and traditions. Freej Aspire has been added for the first time this year to Aspire Zone’s wider Ramadan programme, as part of the Foundation’s continued efforts to spread joy amongst members of society, and instil amongst them a sense of pride of their history and heritage.

Marketing Director at Aspire Zone Foundation, Nasser Abdullah Al Hajri, said:

Per its tradition, Aspire Zone is hosting this year a number of Ramadan events and activities aimed at supporting sporting, social and cultural awareness, and we have taken all necessary steps to ensure their success. With the addition of Freej Aspire for the first time, this year our Ramadan programme is even more comprehensive, offering families a variety of fun activities such as theatre shows, traditional stores, and ‘Suwalif Jadati’ (my grandmother’s stories) for children, in addition to other activities such as football, and a sand playground. As with all our events, our aim is to put a smile on peoples’ faces and promote active, healthy lifestyles.’

In this context, HE the Minister of Culture, Art and Heritage stressed the significance of such an event during the holy month of Ramadan, as it plays an important role in promoting compassion amongst members of society and enhancing communication between them. HE the Minister also added that Freej Aspire is a special event that helps connect the current generation with their historical and cultural values, thereby helping instil an increased sense of national pride within them, before thanking Aspire Zone Foundation for the organisation of this event and wishing everyone the best of luck.

Freej Aspire was set up in a new pitch that features the latest cooling technology, designed to keep the temperature at a cool 25 degrees. The Foundation also set up the Freej in the shape of adjoining houses based on the traditional ‘Liwan’ design, including a number of stores and handcrafts workshops, in addition to storytelling booths, food stations and a number of other elements designed to replicate the environment of a real ‘Freej”]’.

Additionally, Freej Aspire activities will also include the ‘Sloom Ahel Qatar’ programme, organised in partnership with Qatar Charity and designed to revive Qatari traditions and customs. The Sloom programme includes lectures, forums, traditional competitions, as well as giving visitors the chance to learn about the history of photography, the profession of sailing, falcon training, and a number of other traditional activities. Sloom programme supervisor at Qatar Charity, Maed Al Qahtani, said:

I would like to thank Aspire Zone Foundation for organising Freej Aspire. We are proud of our partnership as we perfectly complement each other in our broader aims of supporting and serving Qatari society. Our participation in Freej Aspire includes the introduction of ‘Majlis Soloom’, as well as the Al Akass, Al Nawakhda, Al Durzi, Al Khraz and Al Meqnas tents which taken together make up the backbone of the Sloom programme.’

Freej Aspire also offers visitors the chance to practice traditional sports that reflect Gulf values, such as the local Al Arda dance, Al Rababah shows, cultural lectures, comedian shows and storytelling activities, in addition to raising awareness of charity work and Qatar’s cultural heritage. Many visitors applauded the organization of Freej Aspire and commended the idea behind it, saying that they enjoy being at this fun cultural festival with their families during Ramadan.

Fereej Aspire will also organise a Garangao night which will include a competition for the best traditional dress. Three winners will be selected and each will receive an iPhone and iPad device. Winners will be selected according to the number of ‘Likes’ they receive on social media.

For more information about the Ramadan activities and timings, visit the ‘Life In Aspire’ website.