Aspire Zone Foundation will unveil Qatar’s first indoor hockey tournament for men during its sixth Ramadan Sports Festival this year. Eight teams are all set to compete in knock-out stages which will run for three days in Aspire Dome, the world’s largest multi-purpose arena.

The tournament follows the great success of the Asian Nations Cup indoor hockey championship 2017 which took place in April.

Abdullah Aman Al Khater, Events Manager at Aspire Zone Foundation, said that the Ramadan Sports Festival provides an ideal outlet for people who are looking to maintain active lifestyles during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month of social interaction, where families and friends come together.

AZF organise competitions for groups so they can all participate together in a fun interactive environment. As a sporting organisation, AZF always aims to raise awareness and encourage people to remain healthy, including even during Ramadan.’

Al Khater added that they decided to include the Indoor Hockey tournament in this year’s Ramadan activities following the massive success of the Asian Nations Cup 2017 that was held in Aspire Dome.

The indoor hockey was widely popular among residents in Qatar. Adding a new sport each year to our programme expands the list of sporting opportunities available to people in Qatar.’

Cricket returns for the second consecutive year

In addition, the much-anticipated cricket tournament will resume this year, following last year’s big success. The three-day cricket tournament will take place on Aspire Zone’s Warm-up Track, from the 6th until the 8th day of Ramadan. The tournament will feature two groups of five teams, competing head to head in the group stages, before moving ahead to the knock-out stages.

AZF launched a cricket tournament designed to appeal to members of the Asian community in the country, given that cricket is one of the most popular sports among Asian expatriates in Qatar.

Other sporting tournaments in this year’s festival programme include: football, futsal, volleyball and basketball. AZF will also hold table tennis competitions for people with special needs and a volleyball tournament for ladies, in collaboration with Qatar Women Sports Committee.

The Ramadan Sports Festival will be held during the first two weeks of Ramadan (1-14 June). For two weeks, members of the local communities are expected to participate in sports tournaments taking place across Aspire Zone’s world class sporting facilities.

AZF’s efforts to promote sporting activities extend beyond Ramadan with its year-round health activities and educational programmes designed to keep community members active. AZF draws on the expertise of its affiliated MOs – Aspire Academy, Aspetar, Aspire Logistics – its vast and extensive capabilities and expertise, and its spacious outdoor fields and world-class facilities.

Taken together, these support Aspire Zone Foundation’s mission to encourage engagement in an ideal sporting environment in support of Qatar National Vision 2030.

More information on the event schedule, timing and registration, can be found on AZF’s social media channels and website.