Yann Lassade MD
Managing Director of Q-Auto, Yann Lassade, with a V10 Coupe Quattro

Q-Auto, the official dealer for Audi in Qatar, has announced impressive growth results, achieving a 12.6% year on year increase.

The achievement means Audi in Qatar has achieved the strongest growth in the GCC for the Audi brand over the three consecutive years since Q-Auto was established in 2012. Managing Director of Q-Auto, Yann Lassade, said:

This is a truly remarkable start to the year. Our incredible sales accomplishments represent Audi’s increasing popularity in Qatar. As a trusted dealer of a world-renowned brand, Q-Auto is committed towards a long-growth term strategy that has a prime focus on ensuring customer delight in all aspects of sales, service and customer care. We continuously strive to exceed the evolving needs of our expanding customer base to ensure our service aligns with the quality they expect from the Audi brand.’

In addition to the exceptional market figures, the brand in Qatar has also achieved the highest growth rate in the region for a number of key models in the Audi line up. Top achievers in the GCC include the compact Audi A3 with an astounding year to date growth figure of 188.9%, while the A8 executive sedan and A4 follow close behind with an increment of 72% and 13% respectively. Other Audi models that have achieved notable figures include the Audi A7 (38.5%), TT (25%) and Q5 (17.1 %). The results represent the strong preference for top-performing models within the local community.

The brand foresees an even higher growth achievement this year, due to a number of exciting product introductions and an all new after sales service center set to open in the third quarter of 2015.

Q-Auto was established in July 2012, under the leadership of HE Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khaled Al Thani. As a dealer, Q-Auto strives to deliver unparalleled levels of quality, commitment and service excellence.