The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa proudly announces the launch of Aunt Zahra’s Date Pudding as its newest signature dish, marking a momentous celebration of tradition, flavour, and indulgence.

For years, Date Pudding has been a cherished favourite among guests at Westin Doha, weaving a tapestry of culinary delight and nostalgia. Now, in an eagerly awaited campaign, this iconic dessert ascends to the pinnacle of their culinary offerings, becoming a beacon of excellence.

Crafted with unwavering dedication and artistry by the esteemed culinary team, Aunt Zahra’s Date Pudding epitomises the essence of luxury and heritage. Each decadent spoonful unveils a symphony of flavours, where the sweetness of premium dates dances harmoniously with the velvety richness of indulgent pudding, creating an unparalleled sensory experience that lingers on the palate and in the memory.

As The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa embraces this culinary milestone, enthusiasts of exquisite cuisine are invited to indulge in the timeless flavours of Aunt Zahra’s Date Pudding.

This launch signifies not only the introduction of a delectable dessert but also a reaffirmation of Westin Doha’s commitment to providing unparalleled dining experiences that resonate with their guests.

The introduction of Aunt Zahra’s Date Pudding as the signature dish reflects Westin Doha’s dedication to culinary excellence and innovation. It embodies the essence of luxury and heritage, offering guests a tantalising journey through tradition and flavour.

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