The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) – an initiative of Qatar Foundation – is bringing award-winning British photographer Giles Duley to Doha as part of a WISH-curated art exhibition currently on display at the Fire Station.

The exhibition – titled Artistic Dimensions to a Healthier World – explores the relationship between art and health, particularly in the context of conflict settings. It features work by Duley, who – through his photographs – documents the challenges faced by people whose health is affected by war and those that strive to help them.

Artistic Dimensions exhibition
Opening of  the exhibition ‘Artistic Dimensions to a Healthier World’ at the Fire Station. (Image by Baher Amin)

As part of the visit, Duley will deliver a public talk at the Fire Station on 8 October and a photography workshop on 10 October. Each event will run from 6 pm.

During his talk, Duley will share his personal reflections on his life and work, including the reasons that motivated his change of career from a successful portrait photographer of high-profile musicians, to serious photo-documenter of people dealing with the long-term impact of war. Duley, who lost both legs and one arm while reporting on conflict in Afghanistan in 2011, will also detail the importance of not letting his own disability overshadow his work, or the people on whom he focuses his lens.

At his workshop, Duley aims to engage those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies of reportage photography and photo-journalism. In particular, he will explore ways to get impactful images that respect those being photographed.

For me the core of my work is the story. The technical aspects of photography are always secondary when it comes to producing a photograph, most important is building a relationship with the subject of the image. At the end of the day, it is their story and my work must be honest to them.

This will be the first time (that) I’ve done a talk and workshop in Doha and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share the stories of those I’ve photographed and my own experiences over 25 years of working as a photographer. Photography is my life and it’s always a joy to talk with those who share my passion.’

Mahmoud El Achi, Research and Policy Development Officer at WISH, and who is also a photographer, said the community of photography enthusiasts in Qatar has been growing recently, and they are pleased to host a world-renowned photographer who can inspire the local community to use their passion for a good cause.

The talk, workshop, and exhibition are open to the public and are free of charge, with the exhibition running until 25 October. For more information, or to register to any of the events, visit:

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