Bang & Olufsen Launches New Surround Sound Speaker System in the Qatari Market


Bang & Olufsen, revealed the BeoLab 14 sound system that combines compact aesthetics and outstanding acoustic innovation to deliver the thrill of high-end surround performance without filling up the home with boxy black speakers.

The new system can be used with all TV brands, not just Bang & Olufsen TV’s. It introduces a distinctive range of high quality audio to their effervescent patrons. With its refined design, endlessly flexible placement options and acoustic pedigree, it’s never been easier to enjoy home cinema in full aural splendor – without compromising your interior décor.

With a minimalistic design, BeoLab 14 creates a complete sound solution on Bang & Olufsen acoustic engineers’ on-going achievements in packing stunning performance into surprisingly small volumes. The satellite speakers are diminutive circles of anodised aluminum with exchangeable fabric covers in a selection of colours, and integrate easily into even the most stringent interior design schemes. The sculptural subwoofer contains separate amplifiers for all speakers in the system, and delivers bone-bouncing bass from a beguilingly slender footprint. And with a full array of placement options that includes wall and ceiling mounts as well as floor and shelf stands, BeoLab 14 is ready to fit in visually as it stands out acoustically.

The Representative of Darwish Technology, said:

We are very excited to introduce the new concept of sound system, the BeoLab 14…Bang & Olufsen really stands out from many other brands in a number of ways, besides offering premium quality surround sounds, and our aim is to provide a high quality of sound experience to the Qatar market. ‘


Sound matters

According to Bang & Olufsen CEO, Tue Mantoni, BeoLab 14 was designed for consumers who want to add quality surround sound to their home viewing experiences, but still have demanding expectations about their interior design. ‘The launch of an all-in-one surround speaker system is an important new step for Bang & Olufsen,’ he says, ‘and it builds on our core approach that sound matters in everything that we do. Now we bring genuine Bang & Olufsen sound to anyone who wants the advantages of surround without having to hide away the subwoofer.’

BeoLab 14 connects seamlessly to all Bang & Olufsen televisions, but is also just one plug away from lifting any other TV or AV receiver into a new level of sound performance. ‘Providing easy integration for people who do not own a Bang & Olufsen TV, but still want to achieve a high-quality Bang & Olufsen sound experience, has been a particular focus for the team,’ adds Mantoni.

Tuned with expert listening panel

The compact new speakers have been put through the same demanding development process as all other Bang & Olufsen products. Jens Rahbek, senior sound engineer in the R&D department, said:

BeoLab 14 is the result of a lot of work with our Listening Panel…Even with the very best components, sound is a subjective experience. We tune our speakers in a process that includes hours of listening – by different people, in different room environments, at different stages of development – in order to achieve sound that is as close as possible to what the original artist intended.’

The Beolab 14 is available at Bang & Olufsen store, located on the first floor at Lagoona Mall.

For more information, call 4433 5500.