Meat lovers have something to look forward to. A new barbecue kiosk by the Torch Doha is set to open at Al Bayt Stadium park in Al Khor on 11 February. 

barbeque the torchAl Bayt Stadium is one of the most uniquely designed stadiums in Doha. The stadium design honours Qatar’s past and present, with a giant tent structure covering this whole stadium. Sustainability has also driven the design of the area around Al Bayt Stadium. Parks and greenery form an integral part of the surroundings, equivalent to over 30 football pitches, creating a green lung for Al Khor and providing local families with invaluable outdoor space to enjoy.

BBQ kiosk is located near the entrance to the park; its large size, black and white stripes make it visible from a long distance. Outdoor seating area in front of the kiosk overlooking the green zone and kids playing area where diners will find a delicious selection of grills on the menu. Meat and chicken skewers served on wooden boards, flank steak and lamb chops, prawns and salmon skewers, along with mezza and salads, sandwiches and homemade desserts. Sounds like the type of spot where diners are expected to bring an appetite. Guests can also purchase raw marinated grills and grill them using one of the three equipped outdoor grill stations.

Following the success of its original kiosk next to The Torch Doha entrance, Dukkan will have its second branch at Al Bayt Stadium park as well. Serving traditional Umm Ali and classic Arabic desserts. Dukkan quickly became the city’s favourite as serving the famous Umm Ali. The second kiosk at Al Bayt Stadium park will be serving the same menu, available for takeaway.

Al Bayt Stadium park will have its official opening on 11 February, celebrating Sports Day. Visitors will be able to enjoy the park and its facilities daily and with them both BBQ and Dukkan kiosks. Following the park’s opening on Sports Day, both kiosks will be open Tuesday – Saturday, 12:30 pm – 10 pm.