Applications are now invited to become a volunteer in the Better Connection Program— a joint initiative between The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs and The Ministry of Transport and Communications providing free access to computers, online services and training for workers at their accommodation. The program is looking to recruit 750 volunteers during 2017 – 2018 to take part in the program.

The Better Connections Program aims at improving the social well-being of migrant workers in Qatar by providing them with ICT facilities and training so they can stay in touch with friends and family and learn useful skills and knowledge for their life in Qatar. 

About the Program

The program enable workers to gain an understanding of the benefits of online technology, teaches them basic ICT skills and introduces them to social media platforms that help them keep in touch with family and friends in their home countries.

Currently project is in full roll-out phase aiming to establish 1500 ICT facilities and create digital inclusion opportunities to 1.5 mln workers across Qatar. Through the hard work of our teams, and the generous efforts of our partners and volunteers, this expansion is set to ensure no one gets left behind in Qatar’s digital transformation


The Ministry sources hardware donated from other government entities and organisations in Qatar. This hardware undergoes a refurbishment process under the supervision of Sheikh Thani Ibn Abdullah for Humanitarian Services (RAF) using licenses donated by Microsoft in Qatar.

Employers of the migrant labor force are invited to join the initiative. The employer provides the room at the camp, the furniture, the electrical power and basic ancillary services such as cleaning and maintenance. Ooredoo provides broadband connectivity to the room. Volunteers are then trained to work with employers and those refurbishing the computers to ensure that the rooms are functional. The refurbished hardware is then delivered to the sites and training is delivered through a network of volunteers by our partners at Reach Out To Asia (ROTA).

These volunteers then identify workers who already have basic ICT skills and train them to become Digital Inclusion Champions, passing on their knowledge to their colleagues, ensuring that the learning process becomes sustainable.

Volunteers’ role

Technical volunteers: Takes role in supporting contractors participating in the program in setting up ICT facilities for their workers and assess technical readiness of each facility to start operations and the training.

Training volunteers: Delivers basic training to selected migrant workers and empower them to cascade the knowledge to their peers from the same

After registering for the program volunteers will receive invitation for the training session. Volunteers will have to attend a one-day training, which will be delivered on Friday. Following the training session volunteers will be assigned to the ICT facilities (as site assessors or trainers). Each volunteer need to commit to assessing or delivering training to minimum 2 sites. Estimated time commitment to finalise the technical site assessment is between half a day and one day (it can be done either during the weekend or in the afternoon/evening during the week). Estimated time commitment fortraining volunteer in one site is two days (Fridays).

Who can apply?

  • Volunteers should be older than 18 years of age
  • Volunteers should be able to arrange their own transportation to attend training sessions and for trips to labor accommodation site
  • Volunteers should have basic ICT skills.
  • Volunteers performing technical roles (site assessors) should be able to speak English
  • Volunteers delivering training should be able to speak one or more of the following languages: Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, Filipino, in addition to English.A previous experience in training or coaching would be an advantage.

Program dates

Training for volunteers is scheduled once a month. Once you register for this activity, the Better Connection team will contact and inform youof the training session’s dates. If you are not available, you will be invited to join the following month.

Click here to register as a volunteer for the Better Connections Program.