The Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech recently hosted the Think Upside Down workshop in collaboration with Coach Abdulrahman Al Abdallah, held at the Katara Art Center – Building 5 at the Katara Cultural Village.

The workshop was held to highlight the skills of Thinking upside down, which is considered an important thought process where sensory perceptions interact with experience and intelligence to achieve specific objectives. This skill can also be used to get fresh ideas during the problem solving stage, as well as planning, development and dealing with people while doing business or even for self-development.

Reem Al-Suwaidi, General Manager of Bedaya Center said that the think upside down skill is a tool that can be utilised to make simple plans.

It’s a skill that we use randomly without realising that we are actually using it. In collaboration with Coach Abdulrahman Al Abdallah, we were able to highlight this skill and how they can be harnessed to elevate the way entrepreneurs think.’

During the workshop, Coach Abdulrahman Al Abdallah touched upon several axes such as brain parts, the rules of the mind and perception, the properties of thinking and the obstacles or limitations of thinking. He discussed the factors that cause depression, failure and disappointment. He also brought to attention the factors related to negative thinking, how to brainstorm ideas and implement them,  as well as how to turn obstacles and problems into opportunities.

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