Bedaya Center and Qatar Shell have delivered training to approximately 80 volunteer mentors, who will in turn coach hundreds of students across Qatar who will participate in the ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar 2015.’

The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ (ECQ) is a programme that encourages young people in Qatar to consider entrepreneurship as a career by enhancing their business knowledge and equipping them with valuable business skills such as team work and strategic thinking. The programme is delivered to students by volunteer mentors from a variety of professional backgrounds, some of whom are business owners with experience in establishing and leading successful businesses.

This year, Bedaya and Qatar Shell are cooperating with ‘the Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities’ to attract more volunteer mentors to be part of the Enterprise Challenge Qatar 2015. The mentors participate in a series of ‘train-the-trainer’ sessions in order to equip them with the skills needed to coach students both on general business skills, as well as how to make profits in an ethical manner.

One of the ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar 2015’ volunteer mentors, Abdullah Al Mushiri, said:

I am delighted to have been chosen as a volunteer mentor for the ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ and to be part of Bedaya and Qatar Shell’s mission to spread the entrepreneurial spirit among young people in Qatar. “I took part in this training to give back to my community, and to inspire young people in Qatar to become future leaders.’

The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ programme has different levels for high school and university students, and is made up of three parts comprising: the Ethical Business Challenge, which tests participants’ ability to balance the economic, environmental and social performance of their company; the Business Simulation which familiarises students with general business concepts from inception through to trading, finance, sales, marketing and production; and the Grand Finals where universities and schools teams compete and the team with the best business skills and the highest score wins.

The Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ 2015 programme will run throughout September and October, with the Grand Final competition for universities taking place on November 11. The programme for schools will commence in January 2016, with the Grand Final competition taking place in April 2016.

‘The Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ programme has rapidly expanded, with a growing number of institutions, businesses, schools, and mentors getting involved in the programme. In 2014, the programme received special praise and recognition during the ‘UK Mentor of the Year Awards’ hosted by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales at the Sandringham Palace in the United Kingdom. In 2015, Qatar Shell and Bedaya won SDC’s Reyada ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurial Support’ Award for their support to Qatari entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises, including through ‘The Enterprise Challenge Qatar’.

The ‘Enterprise Challenge’ competition was created by Mosaic, a UK-based not-for-profit organisation established by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2007, with a range of mentoring programmes aimed at fostering opportunities for young people. Qatar Shell is the founding partner of Mosaic in Qatar, and together with Bedaya, has worked to bring the ‘Enterprise Challenge’ to Qatar.

For more information on how to become a volunteer mentor for ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar 2015,’ contact Salah Al Malek on [email protected]