Visiting a spa is one of the most tranquil and luxurious experiences for self-care and pampering. Qatar’s spas redefine luxury and indulgence, with unique experiences in novel settings.

One of the most magnificent spas in Qatar is The Spa at Park Hyatt Doha, offering rejuvenating massages, facials, scrubs and other body treatments. At The Spa, each individual is unique. Treatments are created designed to address your time and lifestyle preferences.

The Spa does not do it alone. Since its creation, VALMONT has dedicated its savoir-faire to the field of anti-aging, offering professional treatments that combine expertise, high-performance products and precise gestures. Featuring unique and exclusive care protocols, VALMONT treatments stand out from all others thanks to the ‘butterfly motion’ that sets the tone for each programme. All Magicien du Temps treatments benefit from this exclusive and original gesture. The client leaves both relaxed and invigorated, the skin well rested and reawakened.

Naomi Galli-Merle, the General Manager of Valmont Middle East

‘As you know VALMONT is a Swiss luxury skincare brand that belongs to a family group run by both Didier Guillon (president, owner, artist ) and Sophie Vann Guillon (CEO). Both are very involved within the Group, which allows us to have a very strong identity with unique brand DNA. Our distribution remains very niche by choice and art is at the heart of everything that we do. We believe in strong emotions, and this makes us different,’ said Naomi Galli-Merle, the General Manager of Valmont Middle East. ‘In fact, we don’t only sell skincare and fragrances. We simply offer exclusive opportunities. We have our own palace in Venice in which Didier Guillon exposes every year his own exhibitions that he created with different artists he collaborates with,’ Naomi Galli-Merle, the General Manager of Valmont Middle East said.

The majesty of Essence of Bees products

By VALMONT, l’Elixir des Glaciers honoured the majesty of honeybees in Switzerland and throughout the world by creating Essence of Bees, a skincare collection inspired by the extraordinary benefits offered by the ingredients of the hive. The skin deserves the best, every day. That’s why in 2023, Essence of Bees, a skincare collection inspired by the extraordinary benefits offered by the ingredients of the hive, is becoming an exceptional daily routine for dry skin. Huile Majestueuse, Crème de Masque Majestueuse and Sérum Majestueux Vos Yeux offer high-performance nutrition in exquisitely light textures, now with an even more modern and generous spirit.

‘Our creams allow an immediate effect on the skin. It is instant… in fact, our background is in aesthetic medicine, Valmont was born in a clinic in Switzerland and the DNA was already the leading active ingredient for post-operative treatments. We want to be different and the leading brand by the concentration of our active ingredients, the transparency of our formulas and the exceptional origin of each active ingredients are 100% Swiss for the most part. Noting that we have sophisticated extraction methods to use the purest plant extracts and we use very sophisticated processes that allow us to make creams with exceptional textures,’ said Naomi.

This collection reflects a strengthened commitment to protecting bees, a central aspect of VALMONT’s sustainable development policy. It will serve to support long-term projects aiming to preserve biodiversity. The Essence of Bees complex blends honey, propolis and royal jelly for the very first time in an oil. It all started with a meeting between VALMONT and Swiss beekeepers, passionate professionals intent on preserving their precious, experience-based expertise.

The treatments

The Masterpiece Treatment is a nourishing, sculpting, and remodelling treatment that brings out the inner beauty in the face and neck, all while rejuvenating the hands, in an experience of supreme refinement. Soothing gestures take centre stage as the face and neck enjoy a voluptuous 45-minute massage. This exclusive treatment brings together three different massage protocols to offer the face the finest of VALMONT’s technical expertise:

Stress vanishes thanks to an energising massage that leaves the face smooth and radiant.

A lifting and nourishing massage inspired by surgical lifting techniques targets the muscles of the face for toning action that smooths facial lines.

A rejuvenating massage inspired by the Japanese massage technique Kobido rounds out the treatment. Kobido was created in Japan in 1472 for the Empress and went on to become a traditional art of rejuvenation for Japanese women. It consists of pressure and friction on the meridians and acupuncture points in the face and neck. This step of the Masterpiece Treatment offers sculpting and modelling effects for in-depth rejuvenating action.

For 90 delightful minutes, clients revel in two cleansings, three massages and four masks, including a Regenerating Mask Treatment collagen mask for skin glowing with youth. A majestic treatment: 90 minutes of exquisite pleasure to be savoured without restraint.

‘The main benefit really lies in having Immediate visible effects and a long-lasting anti-wrinkle action. if you decide to treat yourself with a treatment at Park Hyatt, you will be able to see it as soon as you are done with your wellness hour. If you decide to use at home our bestselling prime renewing pack mask, you will be able to see it within 30 minutes,’ said Naomi.

VALMONT Middle East and Park Hyatt Doha

Park Hyatt Spa

The partnership between VALMONT Middle East and Park Hyatt Doha began in 2018. ‘I still remember the first meeting we had back in March 2018. We had to go through several challenges such as delays of opening, COVID-19, etc. It was not always easy, but only made us stronger. I strongly believe that the solid partnership can only work thanks to an authentic and close ‘human’ relationship between both brands. We are very proud and fortunate to work very closely with PHD’s teams,’ said Naomi.

Naomi was appointed as VALMONT Middle East’s General Manager in 2016 to officially launch VALMONT’s new offices in the UAE for the region. ‘I am very proud to be part of the VALMONT GROUP and to manage our hub in Dubai. It is quite a big region but the differences within each country/region makes it unique and even more interesting and rich in terms of knowledge. We still learn new elements almost every day depending on the situation,’ said Naomi. ‘I owe my passion for skincare to VALMONT that has the talent to give its values that are very unique to all their working family members.’

Based in Dubai, she oversees daily the large region of Middle East, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia through her passion for the cosmetics world. Naomi has been based in the Middle East for over 16 years and enjoys sharing her Swiss roots that she readapts locally in each region through work. She has a strong marketing background and enjoys collaborating with B2B through exclusive and private events to raise awareness on all benefits and importance of taking care of one’s skin since an early age.

In addition to skincare products, VALMONT has perfumes and fragrances for both men and women, including Storie Veneziane by VALMONT, Collezione Privata, Palazzo Nobile, and more.

For more information or spa bookings, visit the website or call +974 4009 1234.

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