Following their recent fleet expansion, Turkish Airlines signed an IT deal with Amadeus that will help them deliver personalised offers to travellers across all platforms and devices. 

The Turkish flag carrier is aiming to expand its customer reach with a series of new shopping solutions from Amadeus Offer Suite. These flexible and modular solutions will allow the airline to connect with new market channels and develop a future-proof retail strategy.

Most significantly, Turkish Airlines will be the first airline to adopt Massive Search, a solution which will help them deliver the most relevant and bookable fares to travellers. Massive search capabilities are becoming more and more critical for the entire travel industry as digital infrastructure must swiftly deliver results in the face of rising look-to-book ratios, which have grown from 10:1 to 1000:1 over the last two decades.

Whether customers are searching for flights on Turkish Airline’s own channels, through a metasearch, online travel agency, or an online ad, Amadeus will ensure that travellers will get a consistent, accurate and fast response.

This standalone IT agreement follows an extended distribution agreement signed with Amadeus last year. The Amadeus global network of travel sellers continue to support the airline’s expansion plans, extending reach efficiently and delivering offers consistently to all travellers.

The airline has been using the Amadeus Flex Pricer solution and it has now signed for the entire Shopping portfolio in the Amadeus Offer Suite:

  • Flex Pricer Premium
  • Massive Search
  • Instant Search
  • Fare Quote Mini Rules
  • ATC Reissue, Shopper and Refund

The suite will equip Turkish Airlines to integrate content via NDC into the airline’s existing infrastructure, catapulting it to distribute content via NDC in the future.

Turkey’s national flag carrier currently flies across 126 countries to 320 destinations around the world. From 2017 to 2019, the airline has consistently increased its passenger numbers from 69 million to 75 million, expecting to reach 120 million by 2023.

According to Turkish Airlines Chief Information Technology and Transformation Officer Ali Serdar Yakut, as the (aviation) sector eyes recovery, they will push the bar when it comes to searching and shopping for fares, delivering the content that travellers want in a quick and consistent way, no matter the channel

He said that Istanbul is at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and their new hub, which was inaugurated last year, gives them more capacity to connect to new destinations.

The new facility will serve 200 million passengers annually, unlocking momentous opportunity for growth. Amadeus’ trusted technology and solid on-the-ground support will help us reach our ambitions.

Maher Koubaa, Executive Vice President – Airlines, Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Amadeus, said that their partnership with Turkish Airlines is testament to their simple, agile and open approach that allows partners to easily integrate technology within their own IT ecosystem.

We look forward to further continue our work with the airline in the field of merchandising as we support the airline’s ambitions to deliver world-class experience to travellers.

Koubaa added that they are particularly proud to be part of Turkish Airline’s expansion, at a time when Istanbul is reinforcing its position as a major global aviation hub.

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