Katara presents a new exhibition called ‘Between Gestalt & Structuralism’ by Iraqi Armenian artist Shetha Faraj Abbo Al Numan.

The exhibition is a collection of paintings by the artist who took inspiration from her Iraqi and Armenian roots. She has long been fascinated with the contradicting theories of Gestalt and Structuralism and her paintings explore the relationship between them. Structuralism believes that all elements of culture must be understood in terms of a larger structure, whereas Gestalt is a general description for the concepts that make unity and variety possible in design. It is a German word that roughly translates as ‘whole’ or ‘form’.

Sidonio Costa, Curator of Visual Arts Exhibitions and Educational Programmes at Katar said, ‘This exhibition explores different themes through the cultural roots of the artist. Al Numan breathes life into the paintings through her unique use of colour, creating some eye-catching compositions.’

The artist will also lead an educational workshop called ‘Utilising the positive and negative elements in art productions’ on Thursday 24th of May at 5 pm. Please email [email protected] for more information.