The Visual Art Section at Katara offer an open invitation to see their latest exhibition, called Between Two Cultures on Monday the 27th of March at 7pm.

The gallery has gathered seven different artists from the Islamic and western worlds to enter into an intercultural dialogue. The exhibit invites the viewer to look at things from a different perspective and see how artists from across the globe interpret life. It allows the artists from both worlds to connect, blurring the boundaries between the Islamic world and the west.

Here is a sneak preview of the works on display.

Iranian artist Sadegh Tirafkan combines the traditional techniques of carpet knotting with digital photography.

Halim al Karim is an artist from Iraq who creates mystical portraits inspired by the spiritual tradition of Islam.

Rolf Bergmeier creates studies in plastic to question the perceived variability of reality.

Iman Mahmud is an Iraqi artist whose mural paintings are expressions of permanent change.

artists-profile-copy-18Swiss artist Trudy Ouboter uses a spectrum of two or three colours in her figurative paintings.

Bruno Muller-Meyer sets down his travel impressions in his series ‘From Lucerne to Mecca’.

artists-profile-copy-5Ahmed Badry is an Egyptian artist who focuses on collective visual memory and chooses small images to increase in size and multiply them to give new meaning.artists-profile-copy-6


img_0693Abdullah Salem Al Kuwari (left), the new Head of the Visual Art Section, is an artist himself. Trained in theatre designer in Kuwait, he obtained his MFA in theatre design from the University of California, he was formerly Head of the Qatar National Theatre in Doha. He still works with directors and designs sets as well as running the Visual Art Section.

The Visual Art Section has attracted variety of famous people to see what they get up to, including Kofi Annan’s wife. She did a painting for the Visual Arts Section and Al Kuwari called her  ‘A very sophisticated lady’.

After the revamp in which they refurbished two gallery spaces, created a library and office reception, Between Two Cultures is the Visual Art Section’s first grand exhibition.



The Visual Art Section also offer art classes for free, from 8am – 10am, in graphic design, painting and ceramics, for both children and adults. Below is their impressive ceramics workshop. They have their own equipment, including three kilns and can produce everything on site.

img_0713So, if you’re interested in art, why not head to Katara for the opening of the Visual Art Section’s opening ceremony of their new exhibit?