The Blood Coagulation Clinic at Al Wakra Hospital has an electronic system that has reduced waiting times to just 10 minutes, dramatically improving the experience of its patients.

Since it opened last May, the Blood Coagulation Clinic at Wakra Hospital has served about 200 patients. The clinic is specialised in following up with cardiac patients on blood thinning medications in an effort to control risks of dangerous blood clots and bleeding.

Dr Ezzideen Hamza Sawali, Chair of Cardiology and Head of Outpatient Department at Al Wakra Hospital, said the clinic is one of a kind in Qatar, if not in the Gulf Region. This clinic will soon be followed by a series of specialty clinics for follow up on hypertensive and diabetic patients. Dr Sawali said:

The Blood Coagulation Clinic is run by a clinical pharmacist, who works under the supervision of a specialised physician, is well versed in pharmacology and the properties of relevant pharmaceuticals and their side effects…they play an important role in educating patients on the proper use of blood thinners, their interactions with other medications, and the potential side effects.’

The newly introduced system is designed to electronically document patients’ data such as the medications prescribed, the recommended dosage and other health-related information. The system has reduced in-clinic waiting times to around 10 minutes.

Since opening, the clinic has already had a positive impact on the lives of the patients it serves. Siddiqa Ibrahim Abdulla, a regular patient, commended the services at the clinic as time-saving by saying:

I am happy I do not have to wait for a long time to access this service and the clinical pharmacists are knowledgeable, courteous, and accommodating.’

Fayza Adams, a South African patient, stated that she was impressed by the quick and efficient service she received at the clinic and said:

The care I have received from the doctors and pharmacists have helped improve my health.’

Dr Fathiya Salama, Head of Pharmacy Department at Al Wakra Hospital, said the clinic was efficient and cost effective and the idea for the service comes from the United States, where a similar one is operated in Boston. Dr Salama said:

This clinic provides patients with essential education on the safe and proper use of blood-thinning medications, in some cases reducing the need for hospitalisation.’

We are conducting a research project , in conjunction with the Pharmacology Department at Qatar University, on the medical and psychological impact of the Blood Coagulation Clinic on patients, as well as the cost and benefit implications of such a clinic.’

Dr Usama Al Badri, the Clinical Pharmacist in charge of the Blood Coagulation Clinic, said the staff provides patients with educational materials which help to answer any questions about their medication. Al Badri said:

These are provided in person, via email or on CD so they can refer to them at any time.’