There’s no better way to start the day, than with an incredible breakfast. It sets you up for the whole day – a good breakfast can make a bad day seem okay, or a good day even better. And one local hangout where you are guaranteed a great breakfast is Campagnia Caffe in the Marriott Executive Apartments.


The Campagnia Caffe is nestled on the ground floor of the new Marriott Executive Apartments. This cosy café is perfectly situated in the heart of West Bay, just opposite City Center. For West Bay residents, the location is spectacularly accessible, or for those living outside of West Bay the café is only a short walk from a Metro station. There are also plenty of parking for those of us who prefer to cruise around in a air-conditioned car.

Whether you fancy lounging with a book and an incredible cup of coffee, or set up your laptop to reply to some emails with a mug of Dilmah tea. With oodles of natural light bursting through the windows, the café is illuminated with natural light and is perfect for lounging on a comfy sofa soaking up the Vitamin D.

To begin our breakfast experience, we decided to order the Arabic Breakfast. The centrepiece of the huge plate of food is the Shakshooka. A bed of roasted, rich tomatoes topped with two sizzling fried eggs, and layered with squares of crumbled feta cheese is an incredible way to start the day. Paired with three bowls of: smooth, creamy hummus, rich black olives, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese, and pink yoghurt sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. With warm, crunchy triangles of fresh bread, and falafel and kibeh to scoop out the mezzes, you will find little at fault with this breakfast platter! And keep a look out for the new Turkish Breakfast which is coming soon: if it’s half as good as the Arabic breakfast it will be worth the trip!

The next dish to arrive at the table were the Eggs Benedict. From top to bottom this dish was a show stopper. Served on a huge, crunchy, sweet English muffin were two ginormous poached eggs. Upon closer inspection you could see two thinly-cut slices of turkey ham nestled between the muffin and the egg. But the piece du resistance was the lashings of hollandaise sauce that dripped from the muffin to the gorgeous enamel plate. The eggs were served alongside a hearty handful of arugula to mop up any hollandaise sauce that might escape.

Along with the Eggs Benedict we were served a Bruschetta Platter which featured all the different recipes of bruschetta available at Campagnia Caffe. All served on a crust of garlic crostini bread the delightful concoctions included feta cheese and mashed avocado, sautéed mushrooms with parmesan cheese, assortments of roast peppers, and a classic: tomato and drizzles of olive oil.

In an effort to be healthy, we also ordered the Campagnia House Salad which we were told is one of the most infamous dishes available at Campagnia. A bowl of tossed arugula with surprises of halloumi, avocado, pine nuts, pecans, pistachios, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes and you can even add chicken, all drizzled with a tangy cranberry dressing. It’s easy to see why this dish is such a popular favourite.

Now to ruin our healthy cravings…. The nutella and banana waffle can only be described as a  tower of sugary delight! The waffles were balanced upon layers of chocolatey nutella spread,  fluffy marshmallows, cool, fresh bananas and all dowsed with a huge heap of vanilla ice cream and glazed with caramel sauce. Wow!

Breakfast, or any meal for that matter, at Campagnia Caffe is certain to be an incredible experience. With a relaxed, comfortable vibe you can enjoy a book, take a break from the office and get some work done, or just relax and savour the cuisine. We will certainly be returning to this incredible eatery.

Campagnia Caffe is open everyday from 7 am to midnight. Contact them on their website or call 6676 6785.

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Author: Charlotte Wright

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