Darweesh Ahmad Al Shibani, Director of Marketing and International and Cultural Relations at the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara has inaugurated on Sunday the exhibition by a Qatari female artist Aisha Al Kaabi, entitled ‘Burst of Colors’, at Katara Art Studios.

In her exhibition, the Qatari artist has displayed 10 paintings in which the acrylic colours have intensively used in an attractive manner with red and yellow highlighted the inspiration.

Speaking on the occasion, Darweesh Ahmad Al Shibani said:

In Katara, we are really glad to host the first exhibition by the Qatari young artist. Katara will leave no stone unturned to motivate and encourage the Qatari talents that pave the way for introducing creative visions.’

For her part, Aisha Al Kaabi, said:

The Burst of Colors exhibition is my first artistic experience. I have combined plenty of colours that it might be perceived as scattered while in a comprehensive approach will be seen as elegant and cohesive.’

Katara Burst of Colors 2

The young Qatari artist expressed her pleasure on the occasion of launching her first-ever art exhibition at Katara. She noted that this exhibition is deemed a determined start for her first collection of artwork and especially that its taking place in Katara which is considered an art landmark attracting numerous Qatari, Arab and foreign art enthusiasts.

The Qatari artist, Aisha Al Kaabi, started painting six years ago. She’s been taking on abstract painting for four years now. In her art work, Aisha features ‘audacious’ colour combinations that require a high artistic sense and specific colour coordination patterns.

Al Kaabi studies psychology at Qatar University and joined several painting and visual arts’ courses.

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