Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Heart Hospital recently opened its doors to delegates of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium which was organised to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the latest medical advances in the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with heart disease.

The symposium was marked with an opening speech delivered by Cardiovascular Diseases Consultant Dr Hajar Ahmed Hajar Al Binali. The event was attended by physicians, allied health professionals, nurses and other clinicians. Attendees were able to share ideas and listen to presentations from leading local and international cardiology experts, to help patients who have had a heart attack or heart disease make the best possible recovery.

The symposium was hosted by speakers from the academic and clinical field, including Associate Professor Dr Ahmed Awaisu and Assistant Professor Dr Karam Adawi from Qatar University, Senior Consultant Cardiologist Dr Mohammed Alhashemi from the Heart Hospital, and Consultant Cardiologist Dr Maria-Karmen Adamuz from Aspetar.

Topics discussed included cardiac rehabilitation and its provision in Qatar, the health implications of physical inactivity for people with heart problems as well as risk assessment in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Health promotion also featured strongly in the symposium’s agenda with speakers providing useful tips for patients diagnosed with heart disease or recovering from a heart attack. Specific lifestyle changes aimed at reducing health risks and improving patients’ quality of life, including fitness and diet advice for cardiac rehabilitation, were discussed. Topics of discussion also included living safely after a heart attack as well as returning to work.

Dr Mohammed Alhashemi, Adult Cardiology Senior Consultant at HMC’s Heart Hospital and Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation said:

For patients trying to cope with managing their heart condition or trying to return to normal life after a heart attack, cardiac rehabilitation is critical. This symposium brought together renowned experts in the field of heart health to provide clinicians with the best possible tools and the most up-to-date knowledge to help patients reach their full recovery potential. I would like to thank everyone who shared their time and knowledge to support such an important symposium and I would also like to thank Dr Hajar Ahmed Hajar Al Binali for his kind support. I am sure that the symposium was of great value to everyone who attended.’

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