As we enter into the hotter summer months, car owners should pay extra attention to maintaining their vehicle. The increasing temperatures make more demands to the vehicle, and can lead to anything from the engine overheating to tyre pressure decreasing.

Car owners should take steps to check their vehicles on a regular basis, whether personally or at a service centre, to keep their vehicles in the best condition. Regular inspections and keeping to the manufacturer’s recommendations on servicing and maintenance will mean a worry-free drlving experience throughout the summer season.

It will also ensure the vehicle passes its annual inspection (istamara) without difficulty – visit for further preparation checks regarding this.

This brief guide provides car owners with practical tips to care for their cars during the summer, to ensure optimal performance and less stress – to both the vehicle and the owner!

Engine cooling system

This is an essential part of the car to keep running properly during the summer months, in order to prevent overheating: Check the coolant levels • Make sure that the coolant itself is suitable for hot weather • Inspect the radiator for any leaks • Flush and refill the cooling system as recommended by the manufacturer and servicing schedule.

Air conditioning system

It goes without saying that it is vitally important to have a well-functioning air conditioning system during the warmer season: Regularly inspect the system • Recharge the refrigerant as necessary • Clean or replace the cabin air filter as required for efficient airflow and a cooler interior.

Battery health

The higher temperatures can reduce battery life, due to the exacerbated chemical reactions: Inspect the battery and its connections for any signs of corrosion • Ensure that the battery is securely mounted
• Have the battery tested to assess its condition.

Tyre care

Tyre pressure can decrease In hotter weather: Regularly check and adjust tyre pressure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations • Inspect the tyres for signs of wear and damage • The tyres may need to be rotated for even wear • Check there is proper alignment.

Radiator and hoses

Any issues should be dealt with immediately to prevent overheating: Inspect the radiator and hoses for any signs of leaks, cracks, or wear • Check the condition of the radiator cap to make sure it seals properly.

Fluid levels

Regularly check all fluid Ievels:

  • Transmission
  • Brake
  • Power steering

Author: Sarah Palmer

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