Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar hosted at least 500 high school students for the 2023 Pi Day Mathematics Competition. A total of 126 teams participated, representing 82 government and private high schools in Qatar. Carnegie Mellon is a partner university of Qatar Foundation.

CMU-Q Associate Teaching Professor of Mathematics Zelealem Yilma has been organising the competition since 2016.

We are so pleased to see so many students participate. It shows that students are drawn to the intellectual challenge, and they enjoy solving problems.

The teams tackle questions that challenge their logical and reasoning ability. The question set, which is available in both English and Arabic, is designed to be accessible, with some challenging problems for more advanced students.

Four teams will advance to the final round – two teams from DPS Modern Indian School, one from DPS Monarch International School and one from Qatar International School.

The final round is scheduled on 14 March (3/14), affectionately known as Pi Day in math circles. Pi represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, an irrational number rounded to 3.14. Pi Day is embraced by mathematicians and educators worldwide as an opportunity to celebrate and encourage learning in mathematics.

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