ciq-craft-bazaar-posterBack in the 80s, Qatar had a rat problem. And so, cats, their natural enemy, were introduced into the environment and voila! No more rats and we are all very thankful. However, the poor cats multiplied and people who had cats as pets left, abandoning them, or depositing them at the overcrowded animal shelter.

There’s no shortage of people in Qatar who love cats and Cats in Qatar is one such group. A non-profit organisation dedicated to helping foster, care for and re-home cats in Qatar, they raise their money through their own efforts. They had a very fruitful Open Day last weekend on Saturday 12th May at the Veterinary Surgery, Doha and are planning to repeat their success.

This Saturday Cats in Qatar are holding a Summer Craft Bazaar from noon to 5 pm at Riviera Gardens Clubhouse, where you can buy hand-made products, books and baked goods, all this will benefit our feline friends.