CERBAIR has recently launched its newly-designed anti-drone kit – CHIMERA – featuring updated technology, considered as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in anti-drone warfare. This new technology will be on showcase exclusively at Milipol Qatar 2021 (Booth G044). 

The new kit consists of three connected main elements:

  1. Backpack and vest with a detection module
  2. Command and control tablet
  3. Electromagnetic effector

The kit is unique because it allows for a single operator in the field to detect and neutralise nefarious UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), thanks to the new compact design that is not only more feature-packed but is also 10% lighter than previous models.

Chimera Technology CERBAIR

How CHIMERA works

Drone detection is processed by omnidirectional analysis of radio frequency spectrum, a method used to scan the wireless communications exchanged by any drone and its remote control.

Once the alert has been given (both visual and audio), the location of the rogue drone and its pilot are tracked by CHIMERA using a state-of-the-art and accurate directional antenna.

If the nature of the UAV is determined to be nefarious, neutralisation may be activated by sending an electromagnetic pulse to the drone.

CHIMERA’s new design and technology allows users to perform three key tasks in the event of a drone situation:

  • Determine the omnidirectional detection of the drone
  • Accurately find the drone and pilot location via manual direction finding
  • BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) drone neutralisation

Unique Value Proposition

CHIMERA differentiates itself from conventional anti-drone rifles:

System Upgrades. Competing technology lacks sensors, which leaves operators with the task of visually detecting a UAV – which is especially difficult in harsh conditions. By pointing towards a direction of detection instead of engaging with the drone, the effector is commonly used on the hip (manual detection finding). CERBAIR engineers reviewed the option of a retractable stick.

Integration. To better adapt to the individual equipment of the operator, the effector has been slightly slendered on each side. This was to facilitate practical use in the field. Grips have also been added to the device, and handles are now equipped with a special rubber coating to comfortably fit a hand or glove.

Discretion. CHIMERA is a completely passive system until the point of drone neutralisation and offers a discrete footprint that is fully compatible with other devices that are potentially sensitive to electromagnetic signals. Additionally, the tablet features ‘night mode’ which short-circuits the effector’s LED for total operational discretion.

Safety. CHIMERA’s effector has been adjusted to limit back-radiation for the operator. The design has also been revised with the addition of a switch that helps avoid unintentional use.

CHIMERA is already being used by special forces that protect heads of state.

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