The American School of Drama (ASD) recently hosted a second concert in the ibq sponsored Chamber Music Series called ‘The Love Triangle’.

The story centres around the troubled marriage of Robert and Clara Schumann after Johannes Brahms arrives in their household. Robert declines into mental illness and Clara and Brahms’ relationship deepens. The Schumanns were German composers who encouraged Brahms who became one of the leading composers of the Romantic period; Clara was the first pianist to publicly performed Brahms’ work.

‘The Love Triangle’ features all three composers’ works; songs by Clara Schumann, a violin and piano sonata in A-Minor by Robert Schumann and a piano quintet in F-Minor by Johannes Brahms.

Dimitri Torchinsky, Artistic Director of the series and violinist  praised the musicians involved, vocalist Anna Dietrich, violinists Eugene Bold and Julia Korodi, violist Andrea Mereutza, cellist Ivaylo Daskalov and pianist Sonja Park and said he was thankful to be collaborating with ibq.

George Nasra, Managing Director of ibq said ‘The ASD Chamber Music Series is Qatar’s most prestigious musical event. It bring home a plethora of the world’s most recognised classical work. We’re very proud of our partnership with ASD, it embodies the approach we embrace for the better of our community.’

The third concert in the ASD Chamber Music Series is planned for April, for more information visit ASD website.