Drag 965 team confirmed the participation of drag racing champion Bader Khourchid in this weekend’s Arabian Drag Racing Competition at Qatar Racing Club. Khourchid will participate with his Camaro 68 – Promod class.

The Arabian Drag Racing is sponsored by Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani, the president of Qatar Racing Club.

Khourchid said he is grateful to Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani for his support  in such an important event. Their participation, he said, will add to their experience as a team. Their team, so far, has accomplished many achievements in the name of Qatar and they hope to earn more.

Arabian Drag Racing

The Arabian Drag Racing consists of five rounds, starting on Thursday afternoon and finishing on Friday evening. The initial round has witnessed several Qatari riders and a great number of sport fans.