Jaidah Automotive, the official distributor of Chevrolet in Qatar, announced that it has renewed its partnership with BE Basketball for the second year in a row. The partnership is part of an ongoing commitment by the company to choose community engagement partners on the basis of the unique offering they bring to the people of Qatar, including the long-lasting impact they create. ​The news highlights the company’s commitment to backing a wide range of programmes and activities that are making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Jaidah Automotive’s community engagement programme is inspired by Chevrolet’s vision to help customers “Find New Roads”. The company is committed to such efforts in order to drive community development and participation by diversifying the number and types of activities available to residents in Qatar.

BE Basketball is a dedicated sports programme designed to train and educate people of all ages and abilities using fundamental and dynamic training techniques. This unique programme includes many transferable multisport-skills catering to every age, ability, gender, background and level of sports interest. BE Basketball has been recognised for building the foundation for structured and competitive opportunities within the country through in-school basketball programmes.

Commenting on the announcement, Jaidah Automotive Marketing Manager Johan Madarasz said:

As a local business, being close to the community is one of our key priorities. Sports, in particular, is a very important sector as Qatar continues to invest heavily in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among people in the country. We look forward to several collaborations with BE Basketball that will benefit the larger community.’

As part of the partnership, Jaidah Automotive and Chevrolet will sponsor all future events and competitions in addition to co-hosting awards ceremonies for participating children.

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