As part of ongoing campaign against sweika dealings and production, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) arrested seven Asians for the production of sweika in Umm Ghuwilina area.

Sweika is an illicit tobacco product in Qatar. The CID received information about individuals who are engaged in the production and packing of sweika at a house in Umm Ghuwailina area. The suspects were monitored to ensure reliability of the information.

Under the authorisation of the Public Prosecution, their house was later raided where a large amount of sweika products. Seven individuals were arrested at the house and referred to the Investigation Section at Capital Security for further legal procedures.

The CID urges citizens and residents to co-operate with the security agencies of Ministry of Interior, by reporting any person suspected of producing and dealing with sweika by contacting the Operations Centre on 999 or the department on 234 7444.