City Centre Rotana Doha, one of the leading contemporary 5-star hotels in the heart of the city, has announced the launch of its digital campaign that promotes the essence of slow living: being in the moment and savouring every second of it.

The campaign falls under the message of Take Your Time, which reminds people to be mindful of their time and connect with what’s happening around them in order to fully enjoy every passing moment. The campaign will launch with a series of videos and photos that capture the various moments of business and leisure that one can experience during their stay.

City Centre Rotana Doha recognises the pressures of our contemporary world and values the time that guests spend. The #TakeYourTime campaign acts as a reminder for people to cherish every minute of their stay at the hotel. By highlighting the benefits of the stay, the campaign invites guests to enjoy their journey, not just the destination. By resting in the hotel’s lush rooms, dining at the restaurants, unwinding in the wellness club, and revelling in various other outlets, guests are invited to an experience that will enrich their lives.

Martin Kendall, General Manager, City Centre Rotana Doha, said:

Promoting a gentler life pace, inner peace, and healthier time management is something that would contribute greatly to our brand and values. It is a genuine message from a brand whose entire business is designed to provide genuine moments, quality time, and unforgettable stays. We understand that the core business of hospitality means quality time well spent, and accordingly our experienced team always makes sure to deliver an attentive and personalised level of service.

You can follow City Centre Rotana Doha on Instagram @ccrotanadoha and Facebook @CCRotanaDoha, 4445 8888