City College recently sponsored a workshop organised by the Academic and Vocational Guidance Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) at the Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel and Villas.

The workshop was titled ‘Upgrading and Raising the Quality of the Work of the Academic Guidance’ and aimed to raise the quality of career counselling and showcase successful examples and initiatives already applied by some public schools participating in the forum. Over 55 counsellors from the public sector attended the forum. Dr Ibrahim Al Nuaimi, Undersecretary of MoEHE, as well as other prominent figures from the ministry attended the workshop.

Dr Ibrahim Al Nuaimi praised the efforts of the department and emphasised the important role career counsellors play in guiding and influencing students to choose the right career path that reflects their interests and aspirations. He highlighted how the ministry plays its part in supporting the academic advisors, who in turn, support the students and guide them in the right direction.

Fawzia Al Khater, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at MoEHE, said that Qatar is working hard to build a knowledge-based economy. Mentors and advisors are required to make greater efforts in educating students and orient them to consider various tracks to bridge the gap for skills and ensure a capable and motivated workforce in Qatar.

City College Principal Dr Michael Clarke, updated the counsellors on the latest developments at City College.

City College will always work to meet the needs of the growing services sector of the country. In addition to its currently offered Business pathways and IELTS courses, the school will be introducing new specialisations in September 2019.’

He  added that City College is working towards becoming a university in the near future, in association with a renowned British university.

Dr Clarke said that City College is also very proud to offer university support services to students who wish to study abroad, whether in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, or elsewhere and undery any area of specialisation. This April, the school is the official representative of international universities in Qatar. It is the only representative approved and licensed by MoEHE. Academic counsellors can refer their students to City College as it is indeed a one-stop shop that offers Foundation, IELTS preparation courses, UK degrees in Doha, as well as provide support to apply to universities abroad.

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