The General Directorate of Civil Defence recently hosted the annual forum focused on security systems to enhance cooperation with companies operating in Qatar in the field of safety systems, and introduce procedures that ensure the highest level of safety in buildings.

The Director of the Prevention Department at the General Directorate of Civil Defence, Captain Ahmad Khalid Al Ghanim, said they were keen to communicate and cooperate with all concerned authorities in the state, in order to solve any obstacles in their works and realise their goal of ensuring safety and security.

The meeting dealt with a number of topics on standardisation of maintenance requirements for fire systems in buildings, where there are specific periods for each fire extinguishing system. The companies are committed to maintain these systems within the period specified in each device.

The unified form of systems inspection was also introduced in the meet, which companies can obtain through the Ministry of Interior website. The form has been standardised in terms of periodic inspection and screening method.

The meeting also announced the profession cards for certified engineers and technicians, which will be implemented as of 3 July 2018. The Prevention Department will issue cards for engineers and technicians concerned with safety systems, which they must carry during inspections and presented to a Civil Defence Officer when necessary. The list of accredited and updated laboratories was also made public during the forum.