Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) will soon introduce a Clinical Information System (CIS) at Gharafa Health Centre.

The corporation has completed the implementation of its first phase at Al Khor Hospital and Al Daayan Health Centre. Supporting the academic health system vision of both healthcare providers in the country, the Implementation of CIS is a joint initiative by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and PHCC. PHCC is dedicated to providing the people of Qatar with highest level of health care by operating and managing different health centres across the state of Qatar.

CIS will provide a complete record of every patient, which could be accessed by any clinician at any time, and will improve the quality of care and services provided to people. CIS is a computerised system that organises, stores and double checks all your medical information. Your health history, prescriptions, doctor’s notes and dictation and all other information are kept together, electronically. This replaces the paper charts of the past. The system has many built-in safety features that greatly reduce the chance of errors. Caregivers are required to enter accurate information; they’re alerted of any conflicts, and given any other information that your condition requires.

Initially, health records, patient registration and appointments will be entered into the system. The first step is the start of a change and improvement journey that replaces existing systems and provides one electronic patient record across all HMC and PHCC facilities. It will provide a standardised build, allowing a common view for clinicians and extensive analysis capability.

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How CIS helps provide better care:

  • In an emergency, your doctor has immediate access to your complete medical history.
  • During your office visit, doctors can schedule and order the tests you need directly through the system.
  • Doctors can access test results immediately.
  • Doctors can send your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy, where you can pick them up as you leave the clinic.


Currently, PHCC is operating through 23 primary health care centers distributed into three regions, namely Central, Western, and Northern. Thirteen of these centers are located in Doha, while the rest of centers are located in populated areas in all parts of the country in order to provide a wide variety of different types of health care services that depend on the location and needs of each area throughout a set of objectives which focuses on keeping the health of population, and prevention from diseases, in addition to patient diagnose and treatment, and the provision of a long-term and constant support to patients and their families from infants to elderly, children, adults, married couples, and mothers.