Prototyping Round Begins

The jury put a promising trio of young Arab innovators through their paces in this week’s episode of Stars of Science. The resourceful Mohammed Al-Jefairi and the astute Ahmad Nabeel persevered, leaving behind fellow innovator Wissam Manshi and his robotic Arabic coffee waiter invention.

In this week’s episode, Mohammed showcased his innovation, an interactive robot that harnesses the latest technological advancements to teach deaf children Arabic sign language. Ahmad demonstrated his self-cleaning laparoscope lens, which he hopes will revolutionise how doctors perform surgery. Wissam displayed his robotic Arabic coffee waiter, programmed to automatically pour a perfect cup of coffee from a della, a traditional Arabic coffee pot.

Mohammed, now a step closer to the final round said he was  driven to help society become more inclusive to those who use Arabic sign language to communicate. He was hoping to bring early childhood sign language instruction into the 21st century.

 As an innovator, Ahmad Nabeel said he is always ready for a new challenge.

The next stage of Stars of Science is going to test my skills in ways I can’t imagine – but I’m looking forward to it.’

Two prototyping episodes remain. Six innovators out of nine will emerge to compete in the next stage of the competition – the customer validation round.

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