Compass International School has announced that it will be part of a new collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Compass International School will implement a unique science, technology, engineering, visual arts and mathematics (STEAM) programme based on the multi-disciplinary approach pioneered by MIT.

The programme includes the development of a series of in-school challenges for students which focus on the juncture between the five STEAM disciplines. This recognises that many of today’s innovations arise from the intersection of these different subjects; from art and engineering to technology and science.

In addition to the in-school activities, students from Compass International School will travel to Massachusetts to participate in an exclusive program each spring along with students from other Nord Anglia Education schools. They will learn directly from lecturers and students at one of the world’s leading STEAM institutions. Compass International School STEAM discipline teachers will also benefit from unique professional development opportunities through annual workshops and ongoing training with MIT staff, hosted by the MIT Museum.

Core to the collaboration is the reflection of MIT’s philosophy of ‘Mens et Manus’, ‘mind and hand’, which calls for a hands-on approach to problem solving. Through this approach, Compass International School students will develop key transferable skills, such as flexibility, creativity and communication, which can be employed across all academic subjects, and in future careers.


Dr Terry Creissen, OBE, Executive Principal of Compass International School, Doha welcomed the new partnership. He saud:

Our aim is to prepare students for the challenges of the future so our goal is to help them create a future of which they will be proud. Creativity, teamwork, collaboration, skills and knowledge come together to deepen their understanding. We expect our students to seize the opportunity to experiment, explore and engage in the experience of learning without boundaries or barriers for growth.’

Andrew Fitzmaurice, Chief Executive Officer at Nord Anglia Education, said:

As educators, it is our role to ignite our students’ ambitions and prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges. This new programme with MIT will ensure that our students are equipped with the skills they will need in the future workplace, and that they learn these skills in an inspiring way.’

‘This is an exceptional opportunity for both our students and teachers to benefit from the expertise of one of the world’s preeminent education institutions. With our performing arts curriculum developed in conjunction with The Juilliard School, and this exciting collaboration with MIT, we have ensured that our students will learn from the best. This positions our schools at the forefront of innovative education.’

John Durant, Director of the MIT Museum and Founder of the Cambridge Science Festival, added:

Collaborating with Nord Anglia has enabled us to develop something truly exciting. The activities we have created for Nord Anglia students take a unique approach to problem solving, working  across disciplines and promoting collaboration between students to create innovative solutions to real world challenges.’

‘We hope the collaboration with Nord Anglia will inspire students and staff alike, and provide students with key transferable skills that can be employed throughout their lives.’

The programme is expected to expand to educate more than 35,000 students at Nord Anglia’s 42 international schools in following years. This new venture comes one year after Nord Anglia Education launched its performing arts collaboration with The Juilliard School.

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