On 22 April 2016 Doha – Students from Compass International School Doha showcased their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) skills to visitors and science enthusiasts from around the world at the 10th annual Cambridge Science Festival held in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Compass International School Doha students joined more than one hundred others from 13 Nord Anglia Education schools globally for an exclusive programme designed by the Cambridge Science Festival and MIT Museum of Science. In addition to experiencing the best of the festival, students participated in inspiring sessions and hands-on workshops with MIT scientists, researchers and engineers. The programme culminated in a celebration of STEAM at the festival’s Curiosity Challenge as the students worked together to design, build and operate a massive chain reaction machine.

Dr Terry Creissen, Executive Principal of Compass International School Doha said:

Our contingent of students who have travelled to Boston have been given a unique opportunity to participate in the Cambridge Science Festival, one of many such experiences and opportunities that Nord Anglia provide for its students. I am certain they will return excited about and having gained experience of STEAM and specifically about developing their robotic building knowledge.’

Ysabel Pielago, Compass International School Doha, said:

This is a dream come true for me to be able to visit the two top universities in the world. I am very interested in science and maths, and am expecting to see exciting applications of science.’

With over 180 events across 10 days, the Cambridge Science Festival is an annual celebration of STEAM and the global impact of endeavours in each field. Compass International School Doha students participated exclusively in activities designed by MIT experts to build their understanding of STEAM by exploring how it is applied in everyday life. For example, students learnt about robotics by building underwater robots inspired by those used in the offshore oil industry and created genetically modified foods by programming living cells through synthetic biology. Students visited MIT and Harvard to experience a taste of student life at these prestigious universities.

Mark Orrow-Whiting, Director of Curriculum and Student Performance with Nord Anglia Education, said:

We are delighted to be collaborating with the Cambridge Science Festival to offer our students this unique and inspirational experience. We want our students to be excited about STEAM and there is no better way to do that than to give them the opportunity to learn directly from real-life scientists and researchers at the world’s leading STEAM university. We are looking forward to seeing them bring their learning to life throughout the week and we are hoping that the chain reaction machine will be the biggest that MIT has ever seen.’

MIT Museum Director John Durant:

The Cambridge Science Festival is a city-wide celebration of STEAM each spring. In this, our 10th anniversary year, we are delighted to be hosting Nord Anglia Education students from across the globe. Our intrepid Nord Anglia explorers will join in a lot of festival activities, and at the same time they will get their hands on some real-world STEAM challenges: in the lab; and in a multi-day project that calls for a creative mix of art and engineering. We hope that while they are here, our Nord Anglia students will catch the MIT bug of “Mens et Manus”, Mind and Hand, which has been responsible for so much important research and innovation in the Institute over the years.’

The programme at the Cambridge Science Festival is one of the unique international experiences offered through Nord Anglia Education’s Global Campus. Students from the group’s 42 schools around the world learn together every day through online, in-school and worldwide experiences designed to nurture key transferable skills. The Global Campus encourages students to be ambitious and set their sights higher by fostering a global perspective throughout their learning.

Fast Facts:

  • 105 Nord Anglia Education students are attending the Cambridge Science Festival
  • The following Nord Anglia Education schools are participating in this event
    • Compass International School Doha
    • Northbridge International School Cambodia
    • Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong
    • The British School of Beijing, Sanlitun
    • The British School of Beijing, Shunyi
    • The British School Warsaw
    • British International School of Boston
    • British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park
    • British International School of Chicago, South Loop
    • British International School of Houston
    • North Broward Preparatory School
    • British International School of Charlotte
    • The Village School

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