Cultural Village Foundation – Katara recently witnessed the opening of the ‘Circles’ exhibition, ongoing until 9 October, where artists will participate to present their artworks reflecting new and multiple artistic experiences, the topics varied between heritage, culture, social and humanity.


The exhibition was inaugurated by Katara General Manager, Professor Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, in the presence of several ambassadors and members of the diplomatic community in Qatar.


‘Circles’ highlights multiple artistic achievements and features modern and contemporary experiments in various methods of plastic art, as each artist participates in three artworks that revolve around a specific idea expressed in circular paintings (50 cm diameter), inspired by heritage in various forms and formats, with cross topic references.

According to Professor Al-Sulaiti, Circles brought together 14 artists with rich and distinctive artistic experiences in the field of fine art. He said that Katara celebrates the artists’ creativity in this exhibition and the advancement of their artistic careers.

Various schools, different styles

The artworks reflect various schools and different art styles inspired by Qatari heritage and Arab culture.

Circles Exhibition 3Participating artist Talal Jihad Al-Jaidah said his works are mainly focused on Qatari heritage and on Arab and Islamic culture. His three paintings mixed literal calligraphic formations and vocabulary. Another artist, Shatha Al-Shammari said her paintings represent one character, but in various styles – realism, abstraction and cubism – using only the colours blue, red, yellow, and white. The resulting artwork differed in the final form, but similar in its content.

Artist Fatima Al-Salat said she reflected life topics in her works, through which she wanted to deliver messages to the audience that is related to the story of pursuit, toil and human suffering.  Her first painting shows that communication represents the highest form of giving and that the sun of hope must shine after nights of hard work and fatigue, while her third work indicated that ‘harvest’ is the result of perseverance.

Fatima Muhammad focused on highlighting the social changes in the Gulf region and how they developed over time. She used sculpture and painting to express her opinion. The paintings of artist Abdulaziz Al-Dosari were also inspired by Qatari heritage, its most prominent features Arabic coffee, falcon and Sadu.

Other artists featured in the exhibition are Saeeda Al-Badr, Shuaa Al-Muftah, Manal Al-Qubaisi, Hanifa Abdulkader, Huda Bashel, Shahar Hamza, Zeina Aabara, Alexandra Ode, and Sanchai Zonbut.

The Circles exhibition is open for public viewing at Katara Building 18, Gallery 2, until 9 October. For updates and more information about ongoing exhibitions in Katara, visit

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