Corniche Roundabouts to Become Traffic Light Junctions by November

Public Works Authority, also known as Ashghal, announced the commencement of construction work to convert roundabouts on Al Corniche and Al Markhiya streets into traffic light junctions.


The project comes within Ashghal endeavor to reduce traffic congestion in the city. ‘Construction work on the project is estimated to be completed by November 2013. All necessary road signs are now in place at various project areas, and we call on road users to respect traffic rules and regulations for their safety and the safety of others,’ Ashghal’s website states.

The roundabouts which will be converted into traffic light junctions include Museum of Islamic Arts (MIA) roundabout, Al Diwan roundabout, National Theatre roundabout, National Library roundabout, Wadi Al Sail roundabout, Onaiza roundabout and Lejbailat roundabout.

The roundabout at the Doha Port where Al Meena Street meets Al Corniche Street has already been constructed into a traffic light junction. However, the construction of juntion is not complete yet although the traffic light has already commenced operations. This project will require Ashghal to temporarily close one lane of each side of the Corniche Street near the port entrance towards Museum of Islamic Art roundabout. Another lane will be closed on the Al Meena Street leaving Al Rufaa Intersection and heading to Corniche. Also on the street exiting the port, one lane will be closed.

The three specific areas where construction is scheduled to take place include Al Corniche street between MIA roundabout and Al Diwan roundabout via Grand Hamad street junction, measuring 1,400 m. The second construction area includes the road before the National Theatre roundabout and stretches up to the National Library roundabout including the Wadi Al Sail Junction on Al Bidda Street measuring 1,300 m. The third work will be on Al Markhiya street between Lejbailat roundabout and Onaiza roundabout measuring 1,600 m.

For more information, visit Ashghal’s website.