Tens of thousands of learners in Qatar have been affected by the school closure in the country. To ensure continuity of learning, Doha British School (DBS) has stepped-up preparations and response to the shutdown through online home-schooling or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Uninterrupted Learning

This is at the core of DBS to ensure that learning for students continues as usual with the least interruption possible. Long before the school shuts its doors, DBS has prepared digital classrooms in case of a need to shift from traditional to online classroom set-up.


This is something new for everyone not just for the staff but for the students as well, said Terry McGuire, Principal of DBS campuses in Ain Khaled and Al Wakra.

It was quite a job to prepare, but our goal is to resume classes immediately and we did, except that instead of physical classrooms, we delivered lessons at home – in the living rooms or at dining tables.

DBS online classrooms or Virtual Learning Environment as they call it, is up and running from 8:30 am on Day 1 of school closures in the country. DBS lessons were uploaded in Google classrooms where videos, reading materials, and online work sheets are made available for students to work on.

Teachers are also available to give live instructions through Google Hangouts. Students are required to finish their lessons virtually as fresh and new lessons are uploaded daily – just exactly how it is when they are in school.

McGuire said it is surprising how students, and everyone in school, cope with the change. He said that they are happy to have received lots of positive feedback not just from parents but also from students.

Yes, this shift to virtual learning is far from perfect but we are getting there swifter than expected. At least on this note, we can say that coronavirus has taught us to become a little more resilient.

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