Many of us have probably tried losing weight and getting healthy several times – and failed. We think of all the energy and time we have wasted on ineffective methods, and feel it’s impossible to get those beach bodies we see in magazines.

But what if you found out that getting in good shape is a lot simpler and less time consuming than you imagined? Recent research shows that the trick to getting the body of your dreams isn’t to sweat harder, but to sweat smarter. We can all have a couple of hours per week to get in shape, but what we don’t have is the right expert to tell us how to do it correctly.

The first thing that needs to be done is to stop trying the same routines over again and try something new. When Nuwaid Pocker, Co-Founder of Crunch Doha, decided to find the time to try something different that would change his life, his will and innovative approach led to a remarkable transformation. She said:

A couple of years before Crunch, my life was a mess. I hadn’t been working out and was eating in a very unhealthy manner. After reaching a point where I didn’t like what I looked like in the mirror anymore, I decided to make a change. Since I hold fitness training certifications, I used all I learned in my early years to set a plan to transform my body and wellbeing. I understood my body and what kind of diet and workout I should be doing, so I broke down my progress on a weekly then daily basis. As I watched myself transform, friends were coming to me for advice. That’s when I realised I needed to help others transform their lives too.’

That’s when Crunch Doha was born in 2013, as a completely service-oriented company that reinforces clients’ faith in themselves, making their fitness training a life-changing journey. Crunch clients join the programme feeling demotivated, not knowing how to solve their problem and approach their goals, or how capable they are of reaching them. A member of Crunch Doha, Babita, said:

My journey with Crunch was simply incredible. After trying many different unsuccessful diets and workouts, I had given up on believing that I could one day reach my goal. When I came across Crunch, I thought the transformations were unbelievable; and to be honest, I had my doubts. That didn’t stop me from giving it a try. Between the new diet plan and training programme, the first few weeks were really tough, and I didn’t think I would make it till the end. With the help of my trainer and group members, I had the support I needed to stay focused, and I slowly began noticing the changes inside and outside. I felt great! I was becoming happier and more comfortable with my body. Crunch was definitely the best decision I took to change my life.’

With six tailored, tested and succeeded fitness programmes, Crunch Doha provides the right personal training, nutrition and supplementation plans for both fat loss and weight gain to reach these goals. The programmes include the 12 Week Transformation (Signature programme), 6 Week Ripper, Intensive Explosive, 3 Week Shed, Iron Mass Gainers and Monthly Lifestyle Builder. Thanks to each step-by-step plan, initial results can be seen within days and final results within weeks. Instead of feeling impatient and demotivated, clients start wanting to give more and push harder to see more results. This approach has successfully worked on over 200 clients. A member of Crunch Doha, Parvathy Venugopal, said:

My whole life changed for the better after losing nine kilos and gaining strength. Crunch played a big role in my life for three months. I could actually see my life improving. I became a happier person. I ate, slept and lived better. The entire team at crunch helped me through every single day, making my routine seem so simple and essential. My trainer was the best part of it, thanks to his constant motivation. Losing my weight and getting in shape didn’t end up feeling like torture; it was inspirational.’

We have all seen those incredible before and after commercials of slim fast diets that help shed a lot of weight, but what we don’t see is how these methods negatively impact our lifestyle, wellbeing and the people around us. Crunch, on the other hand, doesn’t only aim to give its customers better bodies, but works towards improving lives by empowering you to realise your capabilities and achieve your goals.