City University College (CUC) Quality Lead and Lecturer Komal Beg presented her research paper at the International Web Conference on Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment held on 9 – 10 April.

Over six hundred delegates were in attendance and she was one of over 50 presenters from various countries which include Canada, Oman, India, Turkey, Maldives, Myanmar and Srilanka. The purpose of the meet was to encourage women to shift their thinking towards women empowerment and make them financially independent in the patriarchal society.

Women’s economic inclusion

Komal Beg
CUC Quality Lead and Lecturer Komal Beg

Komal Beg presented her paper titled ‘Restricted Legal Environment and Its Impact On Women’s Economic Inclusion and Entrepreneurship’. The research focuses on laws, regulations and policies that restrict women’s economic choices. It also highlights the need to create a legal environment that encourages women’s economic inclusion and makes them less vulnerable in the face of crisis, particularly now amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Beg, there are still laws that differentiate between women and men, while others impede their development, hinder their prosperity and undermine their role. She said that improvements are required in legislation related to removing constraints to women’s entrepreneurship.

Many laws continue to curtail women’s ability to enter the workforce or start a business. On average, women have just three-quarters of the rights of men, hence measuring the legal obstacles of women who engage in entrepreneurial activity around the world is indispensable.

Due to the quality and depth of her research as well as her well-articulated presentation, she was acknowledged as the best presenter at the end of the conference and her research has been approved for publishing.

About Komal Beg

Komal Beg is the Quality Lead and Lecturer for business programmes and has been with City University College since 2019. She is responsible for Academic Quality Assurance and teaches Business, Finance and Law at CUC.

Being from a Finance and Law background, her research interest is in interdisciplinary studies that would include both Business and Law. She believes that an extended study on women entrepreneurship can lead to a thoughtful inquiry that can facilitate a fraternity of inclusiveness, making sure that no group is marginalised specifically, women.

Her pursuit of the topic stems from the multi-facet dissonance she observed in legislation related to women and how they impede women’s economic inclusion. Women entrepreneurship has received a loud push throughout the Gulf region including in Qatar and thus aligning it with research and curricula is a prerequisite for promoting women’s economic empowerment.

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